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value investing

Hardly any other sector has grown as dependable over the last decades as the healthcare market

In our opinion, this reliable growth will continue in the future despite all the cost-cutting measures. One of the main reasons therefore is the globally increasing average age and the associated consumption of healthcare products. 

A further reason, particularly with regard toward newly industrializing countries such as India and China, is the enormous population increase that can be observed there. Combined with the increasing westernization of lifestyles, these countries are facing increasing challenges which have to be addressed. The healthcare sector is developing at an increasingly rapid pace due to this high pent-up demand.

Simulaneously, the healthcare sector poses significantly smaller risks than other sectors. A mayor part of expenses is entirely unconnected to the economy.

Lacuna knows the healthcare market. With our local experts we research the perfect businesses with the best growth predictions at simultaneous high security and a strong management.

Investment principles

To exploit as many opportunities as possible, we invest without limitations in sub-sector, market capitalization, or geography. We make certain we only invest in secure and comprehensible business models.

We are always searching for companies with high market entry barriers, long-term predictable growth and an outstanding management team. As value investors we ensure not to invest into short-term developments but to base our decisions on fundamental data.

Especially in emerging markets like China and India, a thorough analysis is absolutely necessary. We research every stock deeplyenough to justify buying the whole company. 

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