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Caution: Wachstum TGV is not launched by Lacuna GmbH, but managed by Lacuna Vermögen GmbH. This page serves information purposes only.


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The investment strategy of the globally operating TGV fund is oriented towards the Lacuna philosophy, entrepreneurial investing as well as classic value investing. Chosing the single shares, fund manager Werner Engelhardt ensures a stable business modell and a high economic moat. Apart from this close look to quality and prospect of the business modell, the management is the deciding factor. We make sure we are aware of current markets and our entire portfolio, before we invest only in a stock with a sensible price.

Investment principles

We mostly chose shares based on classic value investing and focus our strategy on shares from value and small cap sectors. Combining deep research with an extra long investing horizon, we pick shares with a high safety margin and buy them to an economically fair price.

To seize as many investment opportunities as possible, Werner Engelhardt invests globally without restraints from single sectors. The fund focuses on second-line stocks, as this sector regularly produces wide inefficiencies. Indicidual chances in the large cap sector are used as well, if the criteria for our entrepreneurial investing philosophy are met.

Fund Information

Launch date 30.12.2015
Income utilisation Accumulative
Fund currency EUR
Custodian bank Consorsbank, UBS Deutschland
Domicile Deutschland
Management company Lacuna Vermögen GmbH
This fund is not distributed by Lacuna GmbH  

Performance *

Current Performance *

Performance as of 29.03.2019 1.189,96 EUR
Fund assets 17 Mio. EUR

Performance ytd

Performance (1 year) -6,81%
Performance since launch 19,00%
Fund distribution

Allocation of Sectors and Countries

Top Positions

Agfa-Gevaert 6,11%
amaysim Australia 4,50%
Pandora 4,30%
Schaltbau 3,91%
Yahoo Japan 2,95%

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* Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future development. The price performance shown does not take into account any of the investor's expenses such as the sales charge and consulting/sales fees. Exchange rate fluctuations may affect the value of foreign investment.

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