Alternative Investments in Capable Hands

Expert Knowledge in the FRONTERIS Business Group

Building 13 wind farms with 72 wind turbines since 2011, the FRONTERIS group gained broad knowledge and experience in the topic of renewable energies. With the combined output of 180,45 MW, the turbines generate approximately 417 million kWh, powering about 100.000 four-person-households per year.

Altogether we manage nearly 200€ million for our real assets customers. We still manage the wind farms we could successfully sell to big utility companies, too.


Individual Investment Opportunity for your Assets

Alternative investment funds offer an ideal option to invest your capital effectively despite the currently low interest rates. Unlike most providers, Lacuna offers a unique advantage: Everything is done within the same business group, from the first concept to building the plant to selling the finished project.

This close knit connection within our business group enables us to offer you an individual funds package which agrees with your specifications from the first concept right to the end.

Routine Handling of Institutional Regulations

Our experience with special requirements of insurance companies, utility providers, and pension funds predestines us to quickly work through and understand even exceptional regulations.

Apart from our illiquid investments we provide public funds from the healthcare sector to diverify your portfolio. The combination of active management and operative backgrounds guarantees you a perfectly comprehensive package containing Service and knowledge.

Team Real Assets

Helen Platis


Helen Platis has been managing small and middle businesses in private and public sectors for the past 20 years. She has extended experience in leading cross-functional teams and establishing successful business contacts. Her area of expertise, working with global players to develop marketing strategies and joint ventures, is an important asset for Lacuna Canada.

Helen Platis had a leading position in many businesses, including globally operating energy providers like SKY Solar Group, Duke Energy (Union Gas), Ontario Hydro, Centrica PLC (Direct Energy) and Stantec Consulting.

She received a masters degree in business administration from the University of Toronto and added a Master of Business Administration from the Rotman School of Management. In 2015, she finished the Directors Education Programm, which makes her a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors, where she can established valuable contacts.

Peter Haimerl


Peter Haimerl gained the post of CEO of Lacuna's sister company Holistic GmbH in 2003. Since 2006, he gradually increased hin involvement in photovoltaik and wind power, eventually taking over the management of Fronteris Service GmbH. Starting in 2012, the company has been supervising, managing and marketing the own wind and solar plants.

In 2013 Peter became the sole manager of Iliotec GmbH - a Bavarian specialist for photovoltaic and solar panels. He has a degree as Business Manager from the Fachhochschule Deggendorf.




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